World Class Business Practices

What is a World Class Enterprise?
They are the best of the best.
They Have A Highly Developed Value System That Guides Them
No Matter What The Business Environment May Be

World Class Enterprises Are

Considered the World's Preferred Supplier

  • Quality is impeccaple. In fact it is a given,
  • Delivery is a considered a competitive tool that always meets their customers needs
  • Innovative, always considering and introducing new products and methods to reach out to their customers
  • Value Price, always considering ways to improve and pass it on to their customers
  • Hassle Free, the customer is their main focus. They understand the concept of being the preferred supplier

Fanancial Magnets

  • Management understand the importance of developing Lean oranizations with disciplines designed toward continual improvement.
  • ROIs are well conceived and tracked to ensure they meet capital and growth needs
  • EBITA is a key peformance measure that helps drive the long term growth of the company
  • Accounting Systems are kept simple allowing the management team and financial institutions to review and measure company growth
  • Their Cost to Value ratios are alway in the black. They work hard to ensure that the company will survive no matter the business climate

Sought After Employers

  • They are safe organizations to work in. They value their people above all else
  • They have Education opportunities outside and inside the company
  • They have competitve compensation packages that help to ensure loyalty and peace of mind
  • Their people are involved in the continuall improvement processes. They are considered to te creative, skilled individuals

World Class Companies Understand The Importance
Of Measuring Their Performance
At All Levels Of The Organization
They Act On Poor Performance And Use The Data To Continually Improve

Prestige Consulting can help on your Journey
To Becoming A World Class Enterprise.
We Measure Our Success By How Successfull You Are
We Offer Experience, Tools And Training To Ensure Your Success

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